The Importance of Healthy Nutrition during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most likely and the most perfect thing that can ever happen to an adult woman. One of the most curious topics for many of the women, who recently find out that they are pregnant, is how nutrition should be. In order to be able to have a healthy and high quality pregnancy period, to reduce the complications that are specific to pregnancy and to bring a healthy baby with enough food deposits to the world, it is very important to have adequate and balanced nutrition in the pregnancy period, as it is in every period of life.

  • Meeting the physiological needs of the mother,
  • To keep the body’s nutrient storage depots in balance,
  • To provide normal growth and development of fetus (baby in mother’s womb)
  • Provide enough milk release during lactation period.

In cases where the mother cannot feed enough, the complications that can be observed in the mother and the baby may be as follows

July 23, 2023 BLOG-EN