Aesthetic Acupuncture


Acupuncture works on the basis of organizing the entire body energy and using the body’s self-healing power with the application of very fine needles to certain spots in the body.


The World Health Organization recommends Acupuncture treatment for Obesity (Over-weight), Dependency, Severe headache (migraine-like), Hernia (Neck, disks, etc.), Psychological disorders, Depression, Tension, Stress management, Concentration improvement, Skin diseases, all allergic illnesses and approximately 150 other diseases.

All the diseases recommended by the World Health Organization are being treated in our Acupuncture Polyclinic.


Our patients who are treated for infertility (barrenness) and those who want to have a baby with IVF method are also supported in our acupuncture polyclinic. Scientific studies have shown that Acupuncture Therapy carried out together with the “Tube Baby” method increases the success rate.


The most well-known treatment of Acupuncture in our country is: Overweight Treatment. In our polyclinic, which has very successful results in this regard, we are striving to ensure that the patients applying attain healthy bodies and that they maintain their weight and body health during their whole life.

Since acupuncture treatment shows No side effects, as No drugs, No chemical substances are used, it has become a complementary treatment method that is increasingly preferred worldwide.

The success of acupuncture is not limited to this. Successful results are also reached in aesthetic treatments.

It is possible to rejuvenate the skin 10 years with 10 sessions with the Face – Neck – Decollete Acupuncture applied with the MEI-ZEN technique.


We wish you a healthy and balanced life along with healthy bodies, healthy souls.

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