In Vitro Fertilization Center

The unit, serving with a staff under the presidency of Prof. Tarık AKSU, comprises of five separate laboratories of embryology, andrology, freezing and thawing, tissue culture and research-development, all furnished with the latest technology, as well as its own operating room.


All of the laboratories of the unit include a fully automated system with heat, moisture and particle control; a system found only in a limited number of IVF centers around the World. The system, with the help of computer controlled sensors, checks the environment every 30 seconds in order to make the laboratory conditions similar to the human body.

In the various departments of the IVF unit, meticulous studies for treatment are aimed at couples wishing to become parents.

After all patients are thoroughly examined and inspected, tailor-made methods of treatment are applied.


Some of these:

  • Embryo culture.
  • Intrauterine tissue culture (Endometrial co-culture).
  • Pre-transfer genetic diagnosis (Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis).
  • Embryo selection with HLA-G antigen detection.
  • Freezing of sperm, embryo and ovary tissue by fast freezing (Vitrification) method.
  • Microinjection treatment (IMSI), guided by an ultra-high magnification microscope, performed with the selection of the sperm with the best structure.

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