Nutrition and Dietetics

As Ankara HRS Women’s Hospital Department of Nutrition and Diet, we, together with our dietician, offer you the consultancy services you require regarding nutrition, from infancy to menopausal period. Our department maintains world-class nutrition and diet services by constantly pursuing new scientific developments. Our services are crowned with JCI, an American accreditation. Our hospital’s diet department; serves in three ways as clinic, outpatient clinic and mass nutrition.


As clinic services:

Our aim is to provide adequate and balanced nutrition of the patients and their companions in our hospital. We prepare personalized diets according to the treatment and nutrition habits of our inpatient patients, ensuring that these prepared meals are properly, cleanly distributed to the patients and their companions in accordance with hygienic conditions.


As policlinic services:

Proper dietary training is given to individuals who have applied to our policlinic or who are offered diets by our doctors (especially nutrition and weight tracking in pregnancy, preparation of appropriate dietary program for patients with diabetes mellitus); while patients applying for weight loss purposes are taken into a special nutrition program according to their personal characteristics (height, body weight, age, physical activity etc.) and their eating habits, and are routinely controlled. If you want to live a healthy and fit life, you should have the right knowledge about proper and balanced nutrition in every period of your life and you should be applying it. Our nutrition and diet expert will help you in this regard.

For patients applying with weight loss purposes, firstly blood tests are done and evaluated by our doctors; our dietician measures and evaluates their segmental analysis (fat, protein, water, muscle and bone mass) with our body measurement analyzer and their personal nutrition program is prepared. As part of the treatment, body measurements are taken in each control. This service is also offered to our male applicants as a policlinic service.

In our polyclinic, therapeutic dietary services are provided for many illnesses such obesity and weight loss, weight gain, nutrition and weight control in pregnancy; nutrition in pregnancy diabetics; nutrition in puerperium; weight control in patients with polycystic ovaries; nutrition in adolescence; nutrition during menopause; diabetes, coronary heart diseases, hypertension, gastrointestinal disorders (spastic colon – diarrhea and/or constipation), liver and gall bladder disorders.

As mass nutrition services:

The purchase and inspection of all food and beverages that come to our hospital is done appropriate to our quality management. After menu planning is done; all meals are meticulously prepared in hygienic conditions, in accordance with standard recipes and the patient’s diet, and is served after every meal is checked by our dietician.