Psychological Consultancy

The Psychological Counselling Unit of HRS Women’s Hospital provides services in Individual Therapy and Counselling; Sexual Therapy on issues such as, Vaginismus, Painful Sexual Mergence, Sexual Reluctance; Pregnancy and Postpartum Counselling; Emergency Trauma Related Marriage (EMDR) for Traumas; Marriage and Partner Therapy for relationships; Infertility (Barrenness), IVF treatment with Fertile Body – Fertile Mind Method.

  • Individual Psychological Counselling
  • Sexual Therapy
    • Vaginismus
    • Painful Sexual Association
    • Sexual Reluctance
  • Pregnancy, Birth and After Psychological Counselling
  • Psychological Support in the Tube Baby Process (Fertile Mind – Fertile Body)
  • Marriage and partner therapy
  • Trauma Therapy (EMDR)

Tube Baby Therapy

Dealing with reproductive problems and trying to have a baby with medical support is truly a psychologically wearing process. Research has shown that good psychological health improves the success rate of treatment. Therefore, supporting psychological health will affect the reproductive system positively.

Reproduction is much beyond a physical process, one which is affected by thoughts and feelings and which can be enriched by their modification. Getting psychological support increases the boosts rate of the treatment and increases the chances of having a baby.

Therefore, the state of psychological health is valued our in the IVF center of our hospital, and couples are provided with necessary support.

The mind and body are systems that are in communication with each other and which effect each other. Your thoughts and your feelings have direct effect on your physiological health.

The Fertile Mind – Fertile Body method is an effective approach, which supports the success rate of the medical treatments applied for reproductive problems, and where psychological interventions, which accept the mind-body interaction, are utilized.