Radiology Laboratory

In our unit which aims to keep patient satisfaction at the highest level, a CR system, a radiology workstation where we can analyze the examinations down to the last detail, an X-ray machine which can perform direct and medicated examinations, and a bone densitometer device which measures whole body regional density are available. Our mammography unit is supported by breast ultrasonography when necessary. In addition, in our ultrasonography department where all types of ultrasonography procedures are done, we utilize a 4D device besides detailed scan. In the detailed scan we do in pregnancy, the fetus’ images are recorded on a DVD and presented to our patients.


The examples of the diagnostics methods applied in the Ankara HRS Women’s Hospital radiology department are the following main lines:

  • Direct graphs
  • Digital mammography
  • Breast Ultrasonography
  • Bone densitometer
  • HSG (Hysterosalpingography)
  • Whole body (abdomen) ultrasound examinations
  • Urinary system ultrasonography
  • Thyroid ultrasonography
  • Hip ultrasonography (in the first 2 months).
  • Lower extremity venous and arterial color Doppler examinations
  • Renal artery color Doppler examination
  • Portal and colored Doppler examination
  • Penile colored Doppler
  • Scrotal colored Doppler
  • 4D ultrasonography
  • Fetal echo